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| Friday, October 14, 2005

In the movie - All About Love, Andy Lau had a dancing scene each with Charlene Choi and Charlie Yeung. Andy and Charlene ended up kissing each other after their dance.

On the day of shooting, Andy specially invited an international level dance instructor to teach them dancing. Andy and Charlie practiced for hlaf an hour before shooting starts as they continue shooting until 3:00 AM. Charlie whom had retired as a singer for a long time was initially worried of her dancing skills but after the guidance of the instructor, she managed to pick up easily as the instructor praise her potential and Andy thinks that she should release a new album.

However, it was rather tough to dance in a room without air-conditioner when the temperature is 38 degrees celius, luckily after shooting for around 4 hours, the director finally was satisfied as Andy celebrated with a V hand-sign.

They later shifted to the garden to shoot the dancing scene with Charlene for close to an hour, never expected that the temperature was higher than indoors as Andy need to hug Charlene, thus both cried for help as they were perspiring, Andy then tells Charlene: "Luckily you're skinny, I was scared that my hands will feel weak if I was to hug you for the whole night!"

However, Charlene was more worried of the kissing scene with Andy as she told Andy: "When I looked at someone closely, I'll have crossed eyes, so you better don't looked at me!" Andy then quipped: "You try closing your eyes and don't look at me lor!", thus they successfully finished the kissing scene, when the director shouted Cut, Andy then feel Charlene's face as she thought that her charisma cause Andy can't bare to leave her but actually it's Andy's fake moustache was sticking on her face as he quipped: "Your face turned black, I'm helping you to wipe clean your face!"

Meanwhile, Andy and Wait 'Til You're Older director Chan Tak Sum was interviewed in a radio programme by Sandra Ng and Chan spoke vulgarity and he apologised yesterday, he said: "I drank some red wine before the programme, even Andy was given a scare by me, really an old cat running a fever." Commerical Radio feedback that Chan doesn't mean it thus they won't pursue the matter and his offensive remarks was snipped away during the repeat broadcast. Whereas, Andy says: "I'm concentrating on my promotion of All About Love in Malaysia, I've forget about other things."

In addition, Andy and Charlene was in Kuala Lumpur to promote the movie yesterday as Andy revealed that in order to draw his age difference closer to Charlene, he'll do facial before working everyday. When asked if it was a torture to be husband and wife with Charlene, Andy stare at the compere and says: "Torture to what extent?" as those present burst into laughters. Andy expressed that he used his acting fail to compensate as luckily the director shot him to looked young while Charlene looked older.

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