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| Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The box office takings for Wait 'Til You're Older in Mainland China during the national day period was not satisfying which disappoints Andy Lau as he pipped his hope of a box office revival on his self-invested, to be screened this week's All About Love. Being an investor and actor, when interviewed, Andy expressed his confidence as he had 3 insurances that he's not worried of All About Love's box office takings.

With regards to Wait 'Til You're Older being screened at the same time with The Myth and Fantastic Four during the national day period, its box office taking in Mainland China is not satisfying, whereas it has an explosive box office takings in Hong Kong. Andy express that maybe the audience in China and Hong Kong had different taste, no doubt that Wait 'Til You're Older is a high standard movie, which goes the same to All About Love, Wait 'Til You're Older is one of the 4 movies registered for Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Awards. "I worked hard to produce good movies, whether it does well in the box office is out of my control!" Andy exclaims the difficulties of being an actor.

With regards to the soon-to-be-screened All About Love, Andy is full of confidence. Being an investor, he analyze that All About Love is a very watchable artistic love movie which is suitable for those in love, which is a main consumer in the movie industry, he says: "Believed those whom watched the movie would find the touching moments belonged to themselves!" Meanwhile, All About Love would not be screening at the same time with major production like The Myth as the audience would had watched visual treats in The Myth and Fantasic Four during the national day period, they could relax and enjoy a warmth and touching artistic movie.

Lastly, All About Love had become a brand as it includes his album, radio drama and comics. On promotion wise, Andy had put in lots of efforts. All About Love had sold 1.5 million copies throughout Asia as he held a celebration party at Tianjing aircraft carrier, with the release of the movie, it's believed that many Andy's loyal fans would buy tickets to watch the movie to catch their idol playing 2 different characters.

Although artistic movies don't usually do well in China, but Andy express: "If it could exceed 10 million, I would be very satisfied as this is an artistic movie, if it could reach my target, I'll hold a celebration party!" When asked if the venue would be as special as the previous one, Andy smile and refuse to answer.

news from: Sina.com