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| Saturday, October 22, 2005

The movie, Election won 11 nominations in this year's Golden Horse Film Awards, with Jet Li showing his support, no wonder director Johnnie To was smoking cigar on the movie's premiere, drank champagne to celebrate his excitment.

There was reports that Jackie Chan once criticize Taiwan's president election, thus his The Myth and invested Everlasting Regret were ignored by the Golden Horse Film Awards.

Maybe his appearance at Andy Lau's Wait 'Til You're Older premiere and kissing Andy dragged Andy into trouble and was also ignored by Golden Horse Film Awards!

However, Andy doesn't believe this saying as he thinks that he registered 4 movies and resulted the votes to be distributed among them.

Never expected the lover thief in Yesterday Once More, loving doctor in All About Love, changed for the good thief in World Without Thieves and young till old in Wait 'Til You're Older could not moved the judging panel of Golden Horse Film Awards.

No matter what, Andy whom was shooting Mozi in Beijing exclaimed that he would attend the ceremony.

Andy says: "I thought I would be nominated which I could tell them that I was nominated thus could give me a day's break, I was told that I was not allowed to go even I was nominated, now I was not nominated, I hope they would pity me and allow me to go, don't make me look petty!"

news from: TVB E-News