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| Saturday, October 08, 2005

In order to celebrate TVB 38th anniversary, Jade Solid Gold Singers Celebrate Station's Anniversary will be held again in the middle of October after the programme was stopped for 7 years.

100 singers would be divided into male and female groups to compete against each other, this year's male singers' team leader are Andy Lau and Hacken Lee whereas the female singers' team leader are Joey Yung and Miriam Yeung. Andy had being the team leader before 7 years ago.

Andy says: "Never expected they decided to hold the JSG singers celebrate station's anniversary, when they wanted to hold this event, I was thinking that it was a good thing, that's what you know is long life, long life is no matter when you must be active, then you're long life."

Juno Mak and Andy met at the press conference but they didn't have any eye contact, it was believed that it could be related to Andy's previous lawsuit with Juno's father.

As Johnnie To pointed out that Andy's suggestion of financing 5 best actors to collaborate in a new movie to save the movie industry as silly, thus resulting to a person whom claimed that he's a secret society member, called all major newspapers to scare and asked Johnnie to shut his mouth, if not he will be in trouble. Andy express that the incident is rather strange as it could be a form of promotion tactic.

Andy says: "I feel that there is a problem, why such people from the secret society came out to make trouble! Don't think too much."

news from: TVBS E-News