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| Sunday, October 09, 2005

Charlene Choi whom don't process a driving license once boast to her friends of her superb driving skills. Earlier when filming for the movie - All About Love, she violated the law by driving without a valid driving license in a private apartment's carpark in a scene where she was rushing to pick Andy Lau up, however she had an accident and was sent to hospital for treatment.

Before Charlene drives off, she did gave Andy a call and was delighted to rush off to pick her, unfortunately she had an accident as Andy rushed to the hospital to visit her. Charlene vomitted blood infront of Andy whom was sad to see Charlene suffered as he wnet to the toilet to wet a towel to clean up for her. However, during the period when Andy was in the toilet, Charlene couldn't hold on and passed away, Andy was so dejected. The above mentioned is a touching scene from the movie.

During the shooting, although it was a sad atmosphere but indeed Charlene had really passed out as the crew member found out that she had fall asleep, Charlene quipped: "I'm famous for this, if you asked me to lie on the bed for 15 minutes, I could lie there for 18 minutes." Even Andy whom was nicknamed as a "fast recharge person" take his hats off to her, he says: "I'm the same with Charlene as we could fall asleep anytime and "recharge" ourselves, but she was covered with blood and could still fall asleep, that's great!"

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News