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| Sunday, October 09, 2005

With the downturn of the Hong Kong movie industry, Jackie Chan felt that the industry is lack of togetherness whereas Andy Lau plans to gathered many best actors to cast in a movie to save the industry. Chow Yun Fat whom was in Paris also express that he will take part to save the industry as he says: "It doesn't matter to add me in!"

Chow whom dressed causually appeared in a LV press conference in Paris's George V Hotel. When asked of Jackie and Andy's remarks to save the movie industry, he used Infernal Affairs as an example, "So many best actors collaborate in that movie, if we can do it this way, it doesn't matter to add me in? (Johnnie To rebulked Andy as childish?) I had yet read that news, if they need my help and time permits, I'll join them, however can one movie really save the industry?"

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News