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| Sunday, October 09, 2005

Andy Lau and Charlie Yueng's new movie - All About Love will be screened in the middle of this month, Andy played 2 characters as he was the husband of Charlie and Charlene Choi, both wives suffered from illness, when Charlene passed away, she donated her heart to be transplanted to Charlie. Charlie need to be attached to the tube in the hospital as the director approach a professional doctor to attach the tube for Charlie, she cried and complain to Andy for a total of six hours on the bed, it's tough on her.

When interviewed on phone, charlie says: "This is the first time that I'm acting as a dying patient, so nervous and wanted to shout out loud as I don't dare to move when it's time for supper as I'm afraid that the crew member had to arraneg the set." Charlie exclaimed that she had experience the toughness of being a patient and thus she will take care of her health.

Andy said: "I feel pity for Charlie when I see her, the doctor left after fixing the tube for her, I don't dare to remove for her as I don't know how to stick it back, when I'm eating my supper, she could only being feed by liquified food through the tube, she complain that she had no appetite as though she was really sick. Initially wanted to asked her if she's dare that I remove the tube and attach back for her, she was afraid that I would damage her face, she won't want to take the risk!"

Andy revealed that the scene was inspired from a Western movie - Million Dollar Baby.

news from: Apple Daily News