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| Monday, October 10, 2005

Yesterday Andy Lau and Hui Xiu Hong was in Tsim Sha Tsui's Sogo for the promotion of the movie - All About Love as it attracted several onlookers.

Andy and Hui had a competition on designing cake and of course Andy came out to be the winner.

When Hui complaint that Andy had a lot of bed scenes in the movie, Andy said to Hui: "I'll let you experience a bed scene now!" As the organiser specially arranged 2 huge bed and asked Hui to replaced the 2 female leads - Charlie Yueng and Charlene Choi to imitate the intimate actions with Andy as per shown in the movie's poster which the crowd burst into laughters.

Two male hugged together in the public as Andy rest on Hui's shoulder and acted out a facial expression which is comical. When asked if Andy would get so close with other male? Andy quipped: "I've never tried get intimate with a man that perspire so much before."

Andy then performed magic with the fans, he express that his first collaboration with Charlene made him feel more like a father than a husband but after the collaboration, he find out that his mentality is younger than Charlene, he says: "Charlene gave me a feeling that she's a sleeping demon as she loves sleeping, she's delighted to bed scenes as she could fall asleep immediately after jumping onto the bed. Normally at the filming set, I'll entertain the 2 female leads with magic, thus come about this magic segment." Andy later express that in order to break the age barrier with Charlie and Charlene, he used magic to entertain them, and will discuss the latest shoe design with Charlene or guessing of IQ questions and quiz to communicate.

When asked if he would date a younger woman, Andy quipped that collaborating with Charlene is enough. He says: "It's enough, of course it's impossible!"

With regards to reports that Charlene broke the law as she drove without a driving license in the movie. Andy clarify that the shooting was done in a private estate and the road was blocked.

In addition, there's allegation in Internet that this movie will be competiting with Everlasting Regret, House of Fury and AV for the Best Asian Movie in Tokyo Film Festival, Andy says: "I'm not told of this matter and yet watched the other movies thus I can't answer this question." He expressed that he will be shooting for Mo Zi in Mainland China thus he won't have the time to attend the film festival.

With regards to Chow Yun Fat supporting his idea of seeking help from best actors to save the movie industry, he says: "I'm a person that had said something and do it quietly kind of person as afraid too many feedback would affect my plans but I've to thanks brother Chow, he's always my supporting pillar, how he can come back."

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