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| Wednesday, November 16, 2005

When the news of Andy Lau injured his left leg's tendon when location shooting in Beijing was reported, many concerned fans wanted to know how serious his injury was, thus Andy specially recorded a VCR with him sitting on a wheelchair to tell everyone to relax as his injury is not serious.

Although his leg is injured, but a mischievous Andy still treat his wheelchair as a toy as he wheel himself around the film set.

Andy says: "I'm so useless! Never expected that I could injury myself in such a simple action. Sigh, no choice, but today feel better!"

With his left leg casted, he need to travel around with his wheelchair, but Andy looked spirited as he stress that he could still walk.

Andy says: "I can still walk, please don't be mistaken that I couldn't walk, the director bought this for me as it would be faster for me to reach the other side, the director also wished me to recover faster, he's afraid that I'll walk too slow thus he bought this for me, the director said that this wheelchair is pretty, but it's really dirty."

The director wished that Andy could rest more in order for his leg to recover faster thus if he's not required to be at the film set, he would rest in his hotel room. Being an actor for 20 years, Andy seldom fall and injured himself so seriously, thus he specially recorded this short clip to allow his concerned fans and friends could relax.

news from: TVBS E-News