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| Monday, November 14, 2005

Andy Lau whom was currently in Beijing location shooting a major production Muk-gong which is a joint-investment of Hong Kong's Sundream Motion Pictures, Mainland China's Huayi Brothers, Korea's Boram Entertainment, Inc. and Japan's Comstock Ltd.

When shooting a scene which Andy jumped off from a high structure, he injured his left leg's tendon and was urge by his doctor to rest but he still reported for work as usual but the director had specially delay the shooting of action scenes in order for Andy to recover faster.

Andy whom was nicknamed as 'tie ren' (superman), injured himself during shooting feel that it's not a big matter as he never change his filming schedule as he still report for work at the filming set. The director prepared a wheelchair for him which gave him a scare as his injury is not that serious till he's unable to walk, thus there's no need for a wheelchair, but the director feel that the filming set is too huge, as cars could not drive into some of the spot thus requiring to walk from one spot to another which would be rather tough, to prevent him from walking too much, a wheelchair was prepare for him where crew member could push him around. Andy had no choice but to accept the director's good intention and joked that he's a human trishaw.

Since news of his injury was revealed, several fans and friends were worried of his condition as Felix Wong, Charlene Choi, Charlie Yeung and friends from showbiz called him or sms-ed him immediately, Andy was touched and worried that everyone mistaken that his injury is very serious thus he specially recorded a short clip and posted it on andylau.com for friends and fans to watch as he told all that his injury is not serious, but he never expected that after posting the clip, it caused a major congestion on his website and almost bring down the server at one point, even Andy could not log-in to check the messages left by the fans, thus he had to rely on the media to tell everybody that he's doing fine, maybe the doctor wrap up his leg to stabilize it thus the photos show his injury as rather serious and made everyone worried, he's sorry for the misunderstanding. In order to show everyone that he was okay, he stand up and perform "ti-tap dance".

In order for Andy to have more rest, the director allow Andy to knock off earlier but that doesn't stop Andy from working as upon returning to his hotel room in the afternoon, he started his preparation work on his soon-to-be-released-in-December Cantonese album, selecting the picture and design to be used on the album's sleeve.

Due to his earlier released Mandarin album doing well, he's confident that this Cantonese new songs plus compiliation would do well.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po, MingPao