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| Friday, November 11, 2005

Earlier, Andy Lau injured his left leg's tendon when he was shooting a scene where he need to jumped off from a 5 storey tall wall structure. As he was in great pain, Andy had to stop work and was immediately rushed to a hospital in Beijing for treatment. Initially, it was scheduled for the shooting of action scenes but due to Andy's injury, non-action scenes were shot instead.

Although crew members had done all safety precaution but Andy still hurt his left leg's tendon due to the huge impact during his landing when he jumped off from a 5 storey tall wall structure. Andy displayed a painful expression upon landing but when crew members asked him if he's okay, a professional Andy stand up and exclaimed: "Nothing, let's continue."

When he went back to the hotel after work, Andy begin to feel pain on his injured tendon but he endure pain and carry on the next day shooting of a scene hanging on wires for the whole day but he told the crew members at the end of the day: "I think I need to pay a visit to the doctor." Actually, Andy was enduring the pain on his tendon throughout the whole day as he doesn't wish to disrupt the shooting, he wanted to see the doctor after the shooting is completed.

At the hospital, the X-rays initially show that Andy could have a slight fracture on his leg and a MRI was conducted to confirmed that there was no fracture but rather pull on his tendon. The doctor advise Andy to take a rest for at least 4-6 weeks and he couldn't do huge movements, the doctor says: "In China, who doesn't know that you're a fighting artist!? You need not say more or ask questions, you should love yourself as many people like to watch your movies!"

The doctor then used rubber and steel plates to stabilize the leg in a cast, and also gave him painkillers, the doctor quipped: "For normal people, I may not wrap up their leg but for Andy Lau, if I didn't wrap up your leg, you won't listen to me and take a rest thus I realy need to wrap up your leg! The medical certificate also state clearly that you must at least rest 4-6 weeks, you bring it back and show to the director! You must rest!" Andy burst into laughters after hearing what the doctor had said.

Initially, Andy was worried when he was told that a MRI scan was needed as he was in great pain, when seated to wait for his report, he was scared when he saw medical officers walked away after observing his X-rays films, luckily it was nothing serious thus he could relax. When he was scolded with praises for being too hardworking by the doctor, Andy couldn't help to break into laughters as he told the doctor: "Your words made me feel proud!"

Andy then went back to the hotel to rest, as director Jacob was still working at the film set thus he asked the crew member to update him on Andy's report. Andy said to the crew member: "No problem, I still can work. Still can hang on wire, as long as there's no large movements!" The crew member care less on what Andy had said and report to Jacob on Andy's status, Jacob immediately wrote a letter to Andy which reads: Your health is more important! Don't think too much, I'll try my best to arrange to lessen your action scenes.....

It was initially scheduled for shooting of action scenes but it was changed to shooting of non-action scenes, Andy could only wait for the director's arrangements, as he was told not to move too much, but he hope his injury would recover within 3 days as he immediately returned to shoot action scenes.

news from: andylau.com