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| Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Since National Day, two Chinese movies' most influential megastars - Andy Lau and Jackie Chan can be said to have their best moments as the box office takings of The Myth had been leading the pack as in the past weekend, it collected another $6000,000 as it's total box office taking in Mainland China had reached $9.6 million. Another Andy's movie All About Love which opened in cinemas on 20 October had become The Myth competition after Wait 'Til You're Older.

All About Love which took 9 months to prepare had a box office takings close to $5 million in the weekend, good news from the cinemas in Guangzhou and Shenzhen is that its box office takings had exceeded The Myth and Election which was also screened at the same time.

The film distributor expressed that All About Love would at least collects $10 million, which is a great result for an artistic movie.

When interviewed earlier, Andy exclaimed: "Being an artistic movie, $6000,000 can be considered as doing well, my target is $8000,000!" Currently with the movie just screened less than one week, with such good results, no wonder Andy's confidence had increased as he says: "All About Love is a slow popular movie, it collected $660,000 on its first day of screening, it collected $5000,000 after a weekend, believed many people will watch this movie!"

news from: Sina.com