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| Wednesday, October 26, 2005

When the nomination list for 42nd Golden Horse Film Awards was announced, there was a huge response from Hong Kong movie industry, although Hong Kong movies were leading the number of nominations with 2 Hong Kong movies in Election and Kungful Hustle having the most nominations, however many major productions and megastars failed to get nominated thus the nomination list get questioned.

The current Hong Kong most influential megastars Jackie Chan and Andy Lau were both ignored by Golden Horse Film Awards. Jackie's The Myth failed to get any nominations, whereas Andy whom had 4 movies registered for the Best Actor award was missed out and only his World Without Thieves was nominated.

Andy whom had been active in the movie industry in these few years, having acted in several movies and investing, Andy whom was last year's Best Actor winner was not even nominated this year after registering 4 movies for the award which is rather a surprise. Andy was rather in a state of disbelief as he was always confident of his own acting.

The 4 movies that Andy registered were Yesterday Once More, World Without Thieves, Wait 'Til You're Older and All About Love, the characters were different and he was satisfied with his own performance but none of them could moved the Golden Horse Film Awards judging panel. However, outsiders did commented that Andy's performace in these 4 movies is not much of a difference as his performance fails to bring any surprise, which lose out to Aaron Kowk's breakthrough performance in Divergence.

On the other side, Andy could had mis-calculated as he registered 4 movies, it could have divided the votes and resulted of being missed out, not sure if Andy agrees?

After Golden Horse Film Awards, nomination listes for Hong Kong Film Awards, Golden Bauhinia would be announced soon, thus Golden Horse Film Awards is just a prelude, would it affect the judging panels of the other awards?

news from: Sina.com