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| Friday, December 16, 2005

TVB's Jade Solid Gold Music Awards presentation ceremony is one of the 4 music award ceremonies in Hong Kong and the only one held by a TV station. Many singers attended its press conference yesterday. Last year's Most Popular Male Singer and Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer, Andy Lau was also present. Hacken Lee whom lose out to Andy last year seems to get a headache when he see Andy.

Hacken says: "I wonder why Andy seems to be the favourite every year, of course being his friend, I'm happy for him but I do hope that everyone treat me as a dark horse every year, that would be great!"

However, Andy don't think that his participation would minimise other singers' chance of winning.

Andy says: "I'm a horse which runs all the time, I'm born to be a horse in the wild, I must kept running in order to find food to eat, horse come and goes in a group, if it's only one horse, no matter how good you look, it's not great. Thus when you see a beautiful horse and see a group of horses, I feel that that's our strength, thus I hope our singers are all horses, when we work together, we're just like a group of horses."

news from: TVBS E-News