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| Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Andy Lau attended the press conference of Metro Radio Hits Awards 2005 as the 5 leading singers' names of 4 major awards were announced.

Andy state out his choice as he picked himself for Metro Radio's I Most Admired Male Singer, Kelly Cheng for Metro Radio's I Most Admired Female Singer, Grasshopper for Metro Radio's I Most Admired Pop Group and his own song - 'Ji Xu Tan Qing' as Metro Radio's I Most Admired Song.

In addition, voting by 16 different radio stations around the world for Metro World's Best Singer award had 20 million listeners voted, currently Andy is leading the pack as his votes lead the second place by 30%, with his new album released, it's double happiness!

This year's Christmas, Andy would be in Las Vegas for his concert thus he's unsure if he could rush back for music award ceremonies. When asked if he afraid that if he absent the ceremonies would affect the count of awards won, he says: "I hope it won't be affected! Anyway, I'll try to schedule myself."

With regards to the awards, Andy express that he hope to win the Metro Radio's I Most Admired Song award as he's confidence of 'Ji Xu Tan Qing' and quipped that it would sure win the award.

Meanwhile, Myolie Hu express in a Metro Radio interview that the male that he wishes to hug most are Andy Lau and David Tao. She explains: "Andy is classic and super handsome, if you ask 10 people, all of them wanted to hug him."

news from: www.997metroshowbiz.com