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| Thursday, December 15, 2005

2005 TVB Jade Solid Gold Music Awards held its press conference yesterday where many singers attended. Both Most Popular Male Singer favourites Andy Lau and Hacken Lee were the center of attraction. When asked if they're confident of winning the award, both seems to be courteous as they sing praise of each other. Hacken said that Andy is the boss of music industry while Andy exclaimed that he's just a half past six and not a boss for a long time!

Andy won the Most Popular Male Singer last year, Hacken was asked if he's confidence to win back the award from Andy? Hacken exclaimed that he had no confidence as normally Andy would be the one taking back from other while nobody would be taking anything back from him! He sing praise that Andy is a boss of the music industry with high inner strength and claimed that he's able to be the dark horse every year is good enough, Andy is the white horse. When talked that Andy had work committments thus he would not be able to attend every award presentation ceremony and Hacken instead could ask Andy to give him chance by not attending the Jade Solid Gold Music Awards? Hacken feel that it shouldn't be this way as he hope Andy to attend every award presentation ceremonies as without him, the ceremonies would be lacking something. Hacken immediately tagged Andy as "Super Idol".

With regards being tagged as boss of music industry by Hacken, Andy express that he had not been the boss for a long time as he quipped that he had wash his hand in the golden basin and pass the leadership to Hacken. When asked if he attend the Jade Solid Gold Music Awards, the Most Popular Male Singer would be his? Andy express that he was happy to win the award again last year and he won't think about it as it might show him as petty, it's best to let nature take its course.

When asked if Andy would be absent for the award presentation ceremony, he express that he would be helding his concert on 24 December, 25 December is the Metro Radio Hits Awards presentation ceremony, whether he could rush back to attend would depend on whether he could get air tickets. Whereas for 15 January 2006's TVB Jade Solid Gold Music Awards, he would be in Mainland China location shooting for Battle of Wits, the director had express that the chance of him jetting back to Hong Kong to attend the ceremony would depend if it would snow on 15 January, if not it would delay the filming process. The only one ceremony that he's confidence that he would be attending would be RTHK Music Awards on 23 January 2006.

In addition, Twins express that they would like to win the Charity live Pop Group award as they would have a chance to duet with Andy if they win the award. Charlene Choi exclaimed that she really wanted to sing a duet with Andy!

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News, Sun News