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| Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Earlier Hong Kong Blockbuster Awards 1985-2005 award presentation ceremony was held where Top 10 movies, box-office actor, actress and director was presented. The organiser arranged Dr Patrick Ho (Secretary for Home Affairs, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) and Hon. Timothy Fok Tsun-ting (Member of Legislative Council) as their prize presenters.

The Top 10 Highest Box-Office Movies were Kungful Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, First Strike, Rumble in the Bronx, Infernal Affairs, God of Gamblers II, Justice My Foot, All's Well End's Well, Thunderbolt and Mr. Nice Guy.

Andy Lau and Sandra Ng were awarded the Top Box-Office Actor and Actress. Andy and Sandra had a box-office collection of HK$1.7 billion and HK$0.7 billion respectively. The Top Box-Office Director award goes to Wong Jing as his production collected a total of HK$1,037,516,695.00.

Sandra exclaimed that she was delighted to win the award after shooting movies for 20 years, her aim is to be the supporting actress till she's old. After finishing her speech, Andy and Simon Yam immediately rushed forward to the stage to help Sandra whom was pregnant off the stage in case she tripped herself.

Andy whom had 108 movies to his name was asked of his feeling for winning the award, he exclaimed that he hope to be in a movie that will break the box office record of Kungful Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. Among all his movies, Andy express that he like Love On A Diet as he like the fatso image.

Top 10 Box Office Movies (1985-2005)

1. Kungful Hustle ($61,278,697)
2. Shaolin Soccer ($60,739,847)
3. First Strike ($57,518,795)
4. Rumble in the Bronx ($56,812,536)
5. Infernal Affairs ($55,057,176)
6. God of Gamblers II ($52,541,028)
7. Justice, My Foot ($50,212,947)
8. All's Well End's Well ($48,992,188)
9. Thunderbolt ($45,467,210)
10. Mr. Nice Guy ($45,420,45)

Hong Kong's Top Box Office Actor

1. Andy Lau ($1,733,275,816.00)
2. Stephen Chow ($1,317,452,311.00)
3. Jackie Chan ($894,090,962.00)

Hong Kong's Top Box Office Actress

1. Sandra Ng (around $700,000,000.00)
2. Maggie Cheung (unknown)
3. Anita Mui (unknown)

news from: Sina.com