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| Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Andy Lau whom just return from his concert in Malaysia was in RTHK yesterday for an interview recording where he talks about his upcoming work. On 15 December, Andy would be holding a mini-concert and currently he was preparing for it before jetting off to America for his concert tour. He hope he could keep his moustache and wear Chinese suit to perform.

When talked about the mini-concert, Andy exclaimed that he wanted to mix well with the fans as he would picked 5 songs where fans could went onstage to duet with him. He would also wear Scottish tartan skirts to meet the fans.

UA Cinemas which had set up for 20 years, they calculated and Andy came out to be their top box office collection male artiste but he was unable to attend its award presentation ceremony. With regards to Tony Leung Chiu Wai not even nominated, Andy explains that Tony did not have as much movies as he did, furthermore most of Tony's movies were directed by Wong Kar Wai thus it could not be comparable.

With regards to the upcoming year-end music awards ceremonies, Andy express that he was not nervous, if he would to be nervous, he could only be nervous which of his songs could win awards as he love all his songs. He added that since his first music award ceremony in 1990, it had been 15 years, thus he don't feel any pressure.

Andy also added that currently some programmes of some radio station were too commercialise but he understand that it can't be avoided. Among the new singers, he admire Justin, Ivana Wong and Vidal Janice M. Andy said: "When compared to singing, Justin won't lose out to Jay Chou!"

With regards to being tipped to win the 4-station-joint-presented Media award favourite, Andy quipped that he didn't win it for many years as Joey Yung won it last year. He feel that the award has a high possibility as he exclaimed that his aim is not to win the Media award but rather the Golden Song award as he wished that his own composition could win the award. When asked of what's his mentality of the current music awards ceremonies, he says: "Nothing special, but I anticipate every year's music award ceremonies as all the best music of the year will be on the music award ceremonies!"

In addition, the earlier release of the special edition DVD of his collaborated movie with Charlene Choi and Charlie Yeung had create a buying spree as some shop priced it as high as $500. Thus the distribution company received many call-in complaints stating that the CD stores seize the chance to raise the price. The company representative express their apology for those fans whom failed to win the limited edition DVD set as there were only 2000 sets as it was a Christmas treat for its customer, the packaging looked like a document file and with the Tomorrow braclet as Christmas present.

The company representative expressed that Andy had great fore-sight as he specially allow the special edition DVD to be purchased by Andy World Club members, no wonder people close to Andy would said that he was very caring.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po, Sun News, MingPao