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| Friday, December 09, 2005

Andy Lau would be releasing his new songs plus compiliation album and he invited Angelica Lee to collaborate in his music video. In the MV, Andy used hand signals to proclaim his love for Angelica and that got Andy interested as he said that if he had chance, he would like to attend hand signal lessons.

Following the beauty of All About Love, Andy's latest song - Continue Talk About Love's MV, Andy used hand signals to be in a love relationship with Angelica. Andy says: "Actually there are many different kinds of hand signals, I feel that it's funny as Andy Lau has his own hand signals, how it looked like, that's putting my finger on my nose, this is Andy Lau."

The MV has a duration of 9 minutes 17 seconds, it would be presented like a musical narrating a canvas artist's love relationship with a mute. Andy showed off his calligraphy skills and "children king" capabilities.

Andy says: "Actually after shooting Wait 'Til you're Older, I have a different feeling towards children, collaborate with them seems more relax, furthermore when they leave, they will tell me that they'll think of me, I think children nowadays are very smart, they're good at sweet talking!"

The romantic and touching love story is being bring out through hand signals, an excited Andy exclaimed that he wanted the audience to experience a "beyond hand signals" feeling.

news from: TVBS E-News