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| Monday, December 12, 2005

When the 7-storey high gaint door opens, the glamour on sight was unbelieveable.....

Without any down moments, the 3-hours Andy Lau Vision World Tour 2005, scenes after scenes of glamour singing and dancing leaves more than 20,000 fans stunned, this concert which had ended with beautiful memories around the world came to an ending here again!

After many years of performing experience, touring so many countries, Chinese showbiz's megastar Andy Lau selected his familiar country Malaysia as finale of his Andy Lau Vision World Tour 2005, it can be considered as meaningful!

Under the clear skies, the more than 20,000 strong crowd witness what is called a elegant concert stage. In addition, Andy whom always had high requirement of himself, in order to perform a real "concert", there were no down-times throughout the concert, when singing his love songs, he's indeed a best actor winner as all his facial expression was shown as what could be seen in musicals, his sincerity and strength is outstanding!

The ever-changing background was the winning formula, even Andy tried to show off his singing skills, continue to challenge himself, he chose to sing the song that he felt proud, that is 'Mei Ci Xing Lai', although at some point there was a little off-key, but his confidence performance won the applause from the fans.

In addition, the handsome Andy also add "new dishes" to his concert to thanks the love of the fans! The surprise part was "crew member" Felix Wong went on-stage to duet 'An Li Zhao Mi' and the finale 2 minutes of fireworks, all the expensive arrangement could be considered as the year's most expensive concert!


He once quipped that Jackie Chan use his money mine for a movie, similiarly, he also allow the fans to witness what is called a gold-mine created stage for the concert! 7-storey high, it's like a Western-Oriental palace, it would make one stunned upon seeing it!

As the intention was to present a world tour theme, the background kept changing which bring the fans into the Roman love sea, then into the Chinese Qin dynasty, suddenly Andy was leading a dance group from Las Vegas to perform the tap dancing, scenes after scenes of specially arranged dances, it was an eye-catching experience!

In order to create a together-ness atmosphere, Andy sang his famous hits which include 'Ru Gou Ni Shi Wo De Chuang Shou' , 'Bing Yu' and 'Shi Jie Di Yi Deng', the gaint screens on the side of the stage shows the lyrics of the songs for everyone to sing along. However, there was a disadvantage to karaoke, as Andy will be caught red-handed if he sang the wrong lyrics.

Other than the glamour and elegant stage; exciting dance and songs, Andy also specially premiere the music video of his latest song - 'Ji Xu Tan Qing' and his classic movies review, it can be considered as special arrangement with thoughts!

news from: ChinaPress