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| Friday, January 13, 2006

Short note: Urrrrgh..... sad to read this!!!

As I was blog surfing today, I surf onto one of my favourite blogger from Kuching, Malaysia. I was delighted when I saw Andy's KL Vision Tour concert poster in his post and thought that he's going to blog something about Andy but I was rather stun and shocked that he pointed out that Andy was imitating Chicken Little's pose in the poster.

Although the pose and positioning of the head was 90% similiar, I would have take it with some bit of fun but in actual fact, that is very wrong as the KL organiser obviously was using an old photograph for the poster as the photograph was from the series of photographs taken for his Summer Fiesta concerts and CD in 2001. It's kinda bad to portray Andy as a copycat! I also manage to read one or two bad comments.

Anyway, I'm not a childish fan here to complain about this and that about my idol. Just to point out that something was wrong. I did post a comment and hope he'll read it.

My comment was as below:

Dear Kenny,

I can see that you're very observant in comparing Andy Lau's KL poster to Chicken Little's poster, i'll take it as a little fun.

btw, do you know that the photo used for the poster is not a recent photograph of him but rather an old photograph.

it was taken way back in 2001 for his CD album and concert Summer Fiesta.

I would not encourage fans to visit the page and leave bad comments in his post, as it will reflect badly on Andy Lau fans, thank you!