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| Saturday, January 14, 2006

Battle of Wits, which is directed by Jacob Chang and starring Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing and Wang Zhiwen, was finally completed in Heibei yesterday after 3 months of shooting. Andy shot several finale scenes with Chinese actor Wang whom played Leung King. Andy was extremely relax on the last day of shooting and several reporters from Mainland China came to report.

Andy followed the crew to reach their hotel and set off to the filming location, as the temperature of Heibei is minus 6 degrees, about half their drive to the filming location, the road was closed due to the bad weather thus the cars had to use another route which cause them to reach the filming location 2 hours later than the scheduled time, this worried the filming crew as it was the last day of work for Andy and fear that filming could not meet their schedule. Anyway, Andy was in a happy mood and they manage to finish 3 months of shooting, they could now return to catch up with their families in Hong Kong.

When asked of his feelings for the filming of Battle of Wits, Andy quipped that filming was similiar to the battlefiled, "Working is like life on the battlefield, filming battle scenes every day, it leaves me a deep impression. It's not tough during shooting but the weather is so cold, lucky that it only snow for 2 days within the 3 months of shooting, I forget how to act under the cold temperature, remember the under water scene with Fan Bingbing, I was so cold that I couldn't act, whereas there's nothing wrong with Fan, maybe she is cold-blooded? Hahaha."

When talked about Wang, Andy pointed out that although his outlook is very fierce but he's very kind.

Andy added that he had to thanks director Jacob Chang for his understanding when he applied for leave during the shooting period. Andy quipped that the first thing after work would be shaving off his moustache.

In addition, one of the boss of the movie - Tsui Siuming was at the filming location to show his support to Andy despite being sick, he said: "I was not here when he was injured last time, thus I specially came today to visit Andy."

Meanwhile, for tonight's Sprite China Original Composed Music Hits Charts 2005, Andy would become the night's biggest winner with 4 awards which were Hong Kong Most Popular Male Singer, Asia Pacific Best Male Singer, Multi-Talent Artiste and his 'Zai Shou Yi Ci Wo Ai Ni' will become the Golden Hit Song.

news from: Ta Kung Po, SingTao News, Wei Wen Po, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, SingPao