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| Sunday, February 12, 2006

Alan Tam whom went holiday in Canada during the Chinese New Year period was back in Hong Kong as he meet up for a steamboat dinner with his friends.

Andy Lau was alleged that he went to pray to the snake god to ask for a son and Andy quipped that if he would like to borne a son, he would asked Alam about his "special position" and could follow him to have a son too but he would have to prove that Alan indeed has a son. When asked of the matter, Alan quipped: "I never deny about this, looks like Andy need to study the secret on how to borne a son!"

It was not known if Alan was drunk as he continues: "What's the name of Andy's wife? The current society is very open nowadays, it's no problem bringing her out." When asked if Andy bring his wife out, he will follow likewise? Alan quipped: "We can bring them out together, you can say whatever you want then, I've told all today, haha!"

news from: SingPao