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| Friday, February 10, 2006

Hong Kong heavenly king Andy Lau had just completed his filming committments, he would be committing himself into singing performance as he approach Felix Wong and Lam Ka Tung to form a mature boy group, as their average age is 40-years-old, Andy suggested to name the group F40.

Attention all audience, there would be a new boy group in the Chinese music industry, wrong, it would be a mature boy group, the group leader would be Andy as he says: "We're the mature group, then in our movements, our style to show off the charisma of 40-year-old male(s)."

The group name would be called F40 as concidentally that their average age is 40-years-old, but it seems that the other 2 members have comments on the group name. Felix said: "F40, we had exceeded 40 lar, should have called 40 plus." Lam said: "It doesn't concern me, I'm not yet 40."

Exposing their age in their group name can be understand as by looking at them rehearsing their dance, for the simple movements of putting out their hands, turning rounds, drawing circles with their hand, move forward 4 steps before making a turn, they did a 2266, they must admit that they're old.

Luckily that they are the evergreen in showbiz, without stamina, they had the determination, they believe that their performance this Friday, F40 would make it in their first battle but Andy still wants to have different looks in-front of the screen as his allegation is catching the most attention as there's a magazine report that Andy and his alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian visited a famous snake temple in Kuala Lumpur to pray for a son, the temple also show a record book showing Andy had donated $500 ringgit and a thank-you sign.

Whether it's true or false, need not ask, Andy would surely deny everything.

news from: TVB E-News