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| Thursday, February 09, 2006

Andy Lau was rehearsing for his Metro Radio Andy Lau Sing Good Love Song Music Concert yesterday, other being told that he was nominated for the Best Actor award for his performance in Wait 'Til you're Older at the upcoming Hong Kong Films Awards, another piece of good news was that the 8,000 tickets for the concert was snapped out within one hour which broke the record of Metro Radio.

With regards to being nominated for Best Actor, Andy express that although he had yet watched the other nominees' movies but he was full of confidence as he exclaim: "I've did my best, of course I've confidence. Actually I've yet watch the other 4 nominated movies but everyone did well. Both Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Kar Fai had won the Best Actor award in Golden Horse Films Awards and Hong Kong Film Critics Awards respectively, thus I hope that I can be recognise together with Simon Yam. However, I'm disappointed that Felix Wong didn't nominated for Best Supporting Actor, he did very well in the movie." Andy expressed that he would try his best to attend the presentation ceremony.

With regards to Karen Mok being nominated for Best Actress for her performance in Wait 'Til you're Older, she immediately called Andy to send in her congratulations, Andy said: "Other than sending her congratulations, she told me that she never expected to be nominated but I told her that she did very well in the movie, however it was disappointing that Felix didn't get nominated as we were a family in the movie."

Both Felix and Lam Ka Tung would be special performing guest at the concert was also rehearsing with Andy. They express that Andy stand a chance of winning the Best Actor award again. Felix pointed out that Andy's chance is 50-50 as Tony is really a strong competitor, Aaron is a outsider whereas Simon is a dark horse. When told that Tony might not attend the presentation ceremony, Felix immediately quipped that the stats had being changed to 40-60.

When asked on his progress in the rehearsal, Ka Tung quipped: "I've rehearse for 3 hours, should be able to make it, chances of making mistake would be minimise during fast dance, however mistake can be easily detected during slow dance." As Andy is the most attraction of the concert, thus Felix quoted that he and Ka Tung need not be too serious.

Although it was alleged that Andy is married and have children but he never openly express that he has a girlfriend or admitted that he was married, but earlier there was alleged reports in a magazine (Easy Finder) that Andy was eager to borne a son that he went praying a snake god in a temple, Andy explains: "I don't need to pray to the god in order to have a son, it all depend on fate, I could ask Alan Tam whom had gave some guidance to Hacken Lee, I could learnt from Alan but firstly must prove that Alan has a son, of not I would not know if his tatics works."

Andy added that the report has no prove that whether it was true, for having a son, he think that he could depend on himself and would not depend on miracle to help him, he hope that after reading the reports, readers should not believe it.

In addition, there was allegation that Andy's alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian went to a Thian Hock Keng Temple in Kuala Lumpur to pray that she would borne a son for Andy. When a reporter from GuangMing Daily went to the temple to rectify the allegation, he was told by the temple in-charge that Andy indeed came to his temple but refuse to reveal whom accompanied him but said that Andy just prayed for peace. The temple's in-charge then stress that Thian Hock Keng Temple is never a place for people to pray for a son, those people would have go to a Kwun Yam Temple.

There was also a sign to thanks Andy's donation of $500 ringgit to the temple. Talking about the 19-years allegation with Carol, someone mentioned that her uncle is a millionare in Malaysia, whenever Andy went for promotion in Kuala Lumpur, he would stay in one of his hotel, it was said that her uncle also sponser Andy's last year concert in Malaysia.

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