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| Thursday, February 09, 2006

Going into the second day of the year of the dog, Andy Lau specially have a gathering with his fans. The fans shouted: "Andy, we wished you to continue to be handsome, continue to win awards, continue to be popular throughout the world, Gong Xi Fa Cai, give me an ang-paw."

Of course Andy oblign to the fans' request and gave them ang-paw, several fans seized the chance to hug him which he didn't reject their advances. However, being adored by many, there's a little girl whom refuse to accept Andy's ang-paw.

Lam Ka Tung also attend the gathering and under the fans' request, he duet 'Wu Jian Dao' with Andy.

As it is the year of the dog, of course Andy would want to take photographs with dogs. He took photographs with Cash whom literally translated into Chinese as money is the pet dog of Cally Kwong. Cally kept playing with Cash in-front of the camera to hope that it would have a successful photo shoot with Andy. In the end, other than taking photograph with Andy, it also gave him a kiss but it seems that Andy doesn't like the kiss that much.

Writing calligraphy doesn't trouble Andy but when the quiet dog which initially sat beside him suddenly get up which gave everyone a scare, luckily nothing happen.

However, the most funny part was to find a Snoopy mascot to wish fans a happy Chinese New Year to the fans as they hope everyone would have good luck in the year of the dog. Andy says: "Gong Xi Fa Cai and be healthy."

news from: TVBS E-News