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| Friday, February 10, 2006

Earlier, Battle of Wits had wrapped up its filming in Mainland China, executive producer Tsui Siuming specially made a trip to paid the crew a visit. Other than a feast to celebrate the occassion, they also played with fireworks, Andy Lau was so excited playing with the fireworks that he almost lose his life as the fireworks just merely miss his head.

Due to the cold weather in Heibei, they celebrate the occassion by having a steamboat feast, Tsui arranged some fireworks activity after dinner to hope Battle of Wits be a success and Asian movie be a spark throughout the world. Tsui hope to use this movie to let the world concern about war problems.

As Hong Kong restrict playing of fireworks, thus Andy was all excited on seeing the fireworks as he took one of one to light them up before trying to light up a stick that will create a 16 times bigger firework but after light up, there was no reaction from the firework stick thus he walk forward to check, unexpectedly after he walked two steps forward, the fireworks exposed with a loud bang, it was loud enough to activate the alarm system of the surrounding parked cars. Wiping his sweat, Andy quipped: "Luckily I didn't step forward another step, if not my head would expose 16 times like the fireworks stick."

As this movie took 4 months to shoot, thus during dinner, all crew members took photographs with the actors for remembrance with Andy being the most popular but Choi Si Won and Chin Siu Ho also didn't lose out too. The female scriptwriter was creative enough to piece up all the photographs together to become a "family potrait" for everyone. Andy sing praise that it was a precious present and he will keep it well for remembrance.

Director Jacob Chang whom took 10 years to prepare for this movie was feeling reluctant that this movie had wrapped up shooting, he sing praise of the three actors, he said: "I knew Andy for a long time, he looked more mature when compared to his old mischievous days. Fan Bingbing is very pretty, very involved in the shooting. With regards to Korean Ahn Sung-kee, he's very understanding and took the initiative to blend into the Chinese lifestyle, this touches me."

Battle of Wits would have its post-production in 4 different countries which includes Japan, Mainland China, Thailand and Hong Kong.

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