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| Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Battle of Wits, which Hong Kong director Jacob Chang prepared for 10 years wrapped up shooting after 4 months of shooting as it came to a close at the beginning of the year after started shooting in September 2005 in Mongolia. It also has location shooting in Hebei and Beijing. Andy Lau specially invited the director and crew members to dinner and has fireworks to celebrate the occassion.

According to the crew member, Andy handles all the action scenes himself in the movie without any stuntman as he injured himself after falling from mid-air in a battle scene. However, Andy work hard for the movie as he express that he initially see the potential in the original manga but he has no money to buy the copyright and has to give up leaving Jacob to make the first step. "Then, I knew that Jacob wanted to shoot this movie 10 years ago, thus this collaboration made both of our dreams comes true."

news from: Sina.com