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| Friday, February 10, 2006

Tony Leung Kar Fai was invited to announce the nomination list for the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards, if he was not nominated, it would be rather embarrassing but he didn't disappoint audience by being nominated for the Best Actor award for his performance in The Election and Everlasting Regret.

Also being nominated for the Best Actor award includes Wait 'Til You're Older's Andy Lau, Divergence's Aaron Kwok and The Election's Simon Yam. Tony said: "Aaron had defeated me once and win the award, Simon also stands a high chance, Andy is also an ex-Best Actor, all are tough competitors." When told by reporters that he was also an ex-Best Actor. Tony answers: "With my pool of votes divided, I could lose out."

Meanwhile, another nominee for the Best Actor award, Andy thinks that what Tony was bragging, he says: "He's bragging! Most importantly is that I wish to see different people get nominated, because I was not nominated in the past, it was after many years than I was nominated in Hong Kong Films Awards, then I started to have more confidence in my performance in movies, hope in future, there will be more actors of different type and character could be nominated."

With Wait 'Til You're Older losing out in the Golden Horse Film Awards, but was rewarded in Hong Kong Films Awards and got nominations in Best Actor and Actress but Andy was disappointed that Felix Wong was not nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Andy says: "Golden Horse Film Awards! Still remind me that I was not nominated! Felix was not nominated, I'm disappointed, I feel taht you have to watch a movie in a whole, for the whole movie, I feel that if Felix didn't do to a certain standard, my performance would not be that great too."

news from: TVBS E-News