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| Sunday, February 12, 2006

Metro Radio Andy Lau Sing Good Love Song Music Concert was successfully held at the Hong Kong Conventional Centre last night. Several of his old friends from showbiz were invited as special performing guests which were Twins, Felix Wong and Lam Ka Tung.

For this concert, Felix and Ka Tung specially rehearse a dance to dance and sing 'An Li Zao Mi' with Andy. After the performance, both of them were addicted to dancing as they quipped that they wanted to have a hot dance with Andy next time round.

Andy immediately quipped that how could it be done as it would be difficult for three men to be in a hot dance, furthermore he find it hard to accept.

Twins expressed that the vocal of male and female is different as Andy songs have some difficulties to sing, it was Andy whom blend in with them in order to make the collaboration a success.

Charlene Choi express that she was the honorary fan in Andy World Club thus she seize the chance to kiss Andy, he immediately cover his face and appeared helpless.

Andy later express that Charlene's action was too sudden and it surprised him as Charlene express that she has the special rights of a honorary fan thus she could kiss Andy.

Andy then pointed out that he never get so close to his actual fans as Charlene is his only fan that get to kiss him.

news from: Sina.com