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| Sunday, April 02, 2006

Since the earlier adidas adicolor White Series craze, following up, adidas approach calligraphy expert Andy Lau to draw on 4 pairs of White Series-W2 adicolor Hi, there are 4 different theme in mask, dragon, wushu and calligraphy, it allows Andy to show off his traditional Chinese flavour creativity, in the meantime creating a new page in street culture, no wonder Andy quipped that it's a first adicolor x andycolor!

Reporter (R) : Hope you felt on the collaboration with adidas?

Andy (A) : From the beginning to now, collaborate with many related crew members in order to complete this successful collaboration, the feeling is not bad. Previously adidas sent me many pairs of Wite Series to test my drawing, it gives me no worries to show off my creativity before finishing this 4 pairs of shoes.

R: So what did your idea came from?

A: After looking at the Color Series creations of 6 different artists, I discover that they do not have any native flavour element, I personally like Chinese culture stuffs, then I thought of things that represent Chinese culture, thus I took my own calligraphy, dragon paper cutting, mask, wushu with my own style of drawing to create my won White Series with the Chinese flavour.

R: How's your creativity?

A: It don't considered to be a completed creation, because I also follow the whole concept to design, it may looked nice but not professional, thus unable to get hold on designing, this affect demostrating my idea, if I've the chance, hope I can show off more of my idea next time round.

R: What difficulties you encounter during drawing?

A: I don't have much knowledge in colour dyes, thus during the selection of color dyes, I need to try them out first before showing off my own creativity standard. Take for example, how many water to be added and how oil base should the dyes be, I need to understand them before mixing them to reach the effect I wanted then I decide on which dye to use.

R: So how much time you spend to draw the 4 pairs of shoes?

A: I spend around 10 days, initially I tried drawing on the old shoes at my home, when I feel that the effect are not bad before drawing on adidas White Series, each pair took around 2 days, I did though of drawing my own image on the the shoes, I feel that it looked okay.

R: Among the 4 pairs of shoes, which one you like the most? How you grade your works?

A: I like the pair with the dragon theme, as it's easy to be accepted, furthermore the dragon cutting is full of Chinese flavour which I like it a lot. For the design, I think my sincerity worth 100 marks, but techniques of drawings still need improvements.

news from: Oriental Daily News
pictures from: Apple Daily News