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| Sunday, April 02, 2006

Impact Entertainment (Int'l) Ltd held its 20th anniversary at Kowloon Bay's Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre with 80 tables. It also invited some of the artistes that it had collaborated with in the past 20 years which includes Andy Lau, Sumo Hung, Eric Tsang, Nat Chan, Wynners, Miu Kiu Wai, Tong Chan Yip, Vincent Wan Yeung Ming, Wong He and its current artists which includes Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Joey Leung Wing Chung, Irene Wan, Shawn Yue, Wong Kar Keung, Emme Wong, Hins Cheung, Ivana Wong, BoBo Chan, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Peter Ho and Yuan Qi G-Boys were present to celebrate the occassion.

One of Impact Entertainment's boss Andy feel that the company is like a huge family as during the Willie Chan period where all the artistes were male and only Anita Mui the only female artist. Then, Jackie Chan and Anita were the big brother and sister of the company, Andy exclaimed that he missed that period. When asked if it's because Impact helped him earned a lot of money, Andy exclaimed that he never calculated but Impact's main direction is movies and he was went location shooting in Singapore with Alan, Eric and Nat, he remembered that they don't have enough money to rebt a 5-star hotel room, thus they rent a house to stay and cook food for themselves, it's fun.

In addition, Andy also asked his friends which include Miu, Tong and Nat to sing 'Ben Xiao Hai'.

news from: Ta Kung Po, SingPao, Wei Wen Po, SingTao News, Sun News