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| Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Impact Entertainment (Int'l) Ltd held its 20th anniversary and several of its past artistes went to send in their congratulations.

Although with a busy schedule, Andy Lau was the last artist to reach the venue. When he walked on the red carpet, the reporters quipped that he was walking on the stars' walkway and some called him as the Best Actor which delights him. Andy says: "I think I came every year, currently I'm not sure what to wear, I've felt everyone's support just now, thank you."

Andy remembers his time with Impact as it gave him a chance to venture into movies. Andy says: "Actually Impact is a strange place, it looked like a home, thus I remember my past experience, Impact is 20 years old, I grew up with it, it has me on its first day, I'm still around when it's 20 years."

news from: TVBS E-News