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| Friday, August 04, 2006

Andy Lau, Anita Yuen, Louis Koo, Zhang Jing Zhu, Daniel Wu, director Derek Yee and producer Peter Chan attended the press conference of Protege at Tsim Sha Tsui. The movie will be screened during the Chinese New Year holidays in 2007. Both Peter and Derek sing praise of the 5 actors willingness to be involved in a drug-related theme movie. The crew will set off for location shooting in Thailand in the later stage.

Derek talked about his collaboration with Peter and invitation of Anita whom was pregnant to join the busy filming. Zhang Jing Zhu revealed that she actually tried to take drug for the movie, Derek said: "We're just making a movie, this is not an requirement, you need not go to the moon if we're making a space adventure." Zhang said: "I just wanted to try the feeling of a drug addict, just thinking only but I was stopped by Derek." Andy then quipped: "I also wanted to try to be husband and wife with Anita, but the director rejected my offer." Those present burst into laughters.

When asked about shooting when she is pregnant, Anita expressed that she was attracted by the excited scenes in the movie, furthermore Peter and Derek did favours for her before thus she collaborate with them, she said: "This will be a memory for the baby, the baby has seize the chance to act with Andy, that's cool!"

With regards to Andy whom dyed his hair grey for the movie, it's more relaxing when compared to those special effects makeup. Andy exclaimed that he's not worried that his drug lord character would affect his image as the drug lord does not take drugs. He says: "Although I'm a drug lord, but I don't take drugs, I even camouflage myself as a electrical shop owner, played the bad guy in the way of a good guy."

With regards to intimate scenes, he says: "Seldom will have intimate scenes with pregnant woman, but I do get to kiss and hug with Anita during and after shooting. (You took special care for pregnant woman?) I'm just doing what a man should do. (So how excited Anita gets in the movie?) If you're saying a 5-star level, I feel that it's worth 4-stars, when I read the script, I was stunned. (How you helped her back to normal?) I'll read her pulse. (Did Julian Cheung called to ask you to take special care of Anita?) It seems that I always take good care of actresses that collaborate with me, other actors have confidence in me, so they didn't call me. (Anita pointed out that it's cool to be able to collaborate with you!) I'm helping her, when the baby is born, the baby might have some of my trademark nose, that's not bad isn't it."

Andy revealed that when he heard that Derek had a good script as he spent many years to look for information through friends in police force and drug rings, Andy automatically wanted to invest in the movie, however the movie is already invested by a company with a larger distribution network. Although he fail to invest in the movie but he was the first actor to be approach to act as the drug lord which he agree without consideration. Peter then quipped: "This is better as you need not spend money and will get paid!"

news from: SingTao News, MingPao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Wei Wen Po