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| Sunday, May 27, 2007

Eight consecutive nights of Sammi Cheng Show Mi concert concluded two nights ago at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Many friends from showbiz were present to show their support, they includes Andy Lau, Liza Wong, Hacken Lee, Peter Lam, William So, Han Hong, Eddie Ng, Tanya Liu Hai-juo and ex-boyfriend Andy Hui whom walked to his seat around 8:50pm which caused a small commotion! Sammi then appeared on the stage to sing their theme song - 'Wei Du Shi Ni Bu Ke Qu Dai'. After singing the song, Sammi said that the concert had came to it's final night which makes her happy and sad to part with it, she thanked all the friends from showbiz whom came to support as the audience shouted out "Andy Hui" name.

Denise Ho was Sammi's special performing guest, shen she saw Andy Hui among the audience, she said: "It's dangerous to be the guest for the final night, for the final night the guest should be someone named Andy, it would be better!" Upon hearing, Sammi asked Denise not to go too far and create trouble. Denise then pointed out that she was referring to Andy Lau this leaves Andy Hui shocked and emotionless as he seated among the audience, but she added: "All the guests are here tonight, if the audience shout louder they would come up!"

In the end, Sammi only invite Andy Lau to go onto the stage. When Andy got onto the stage, she immediately jumped onto Andy and sing praise that he's handsome. Sammi also requested Andy to remove his shirt as Andy quipped: "I'm so skinny but yet my waist is larger than your breast, my waist is 31.5"! Since I'm already on stage, I'll do what you've asked." Andy also added that after seeing Sammi dances, he started to worry about his year-end concerts.

Although Sammi asked him to remove his shirt but Andy only unbutton 2 buttons of his shirt and stretch open his shirt to make Sammi burst into laughters. Both of them duet 'Wen Wo' and Andy also kneel down to present a bouquet of flowers to Sammi.

Sammi exclaimed that she's glad that Andy specially flew over from Taiwan to watch her perform and added that she was Andy's best partner in films. Andy then rushed everyone to come out with a script in order for him to collaborate with Sammi again.

news from: Sing Pao, Ming Pao, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, SingTao News