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| Monday, June 25, 2007

Director Ning Hao's new movie - 'Yin Pai Che Shou' (literally translated as Silver Plated Racer) will start shooting this July in Xiamen, details and cast of the movie had not been revealed. A press conference was held in Shanghai yesterday as it was found out in the planning menu that the cast would include Andy Lau, Anthony Wong and Tony Jaa of Ong-bak fame.

When interviewed, Ning Hao expressed that he wished to keep the same cast as Crazy Stone for this movie, however only Huang Bo's name appeared as the racer. The movie's name was changed from Crazy Racer to Silver Plated Racer, it's announced that it would be Hong Kong-Mainland China-Taiwan-Thailand collaboration and the cast on the menu reflected the collaboration. From Hong Kong, Anthony will be Huang Bo's shifu and Andy would appear as himself without much description of his character; from Taiwan Li Li Qun would be playing a shrewd businessman and compere Long Xiang will be triad drug dealer. Due to schedule problems, Andy's character could also be taken over by Jack Kao; from Thailand would be Tony Jaa whom will be an international drug lord who's a master of disguise.

news from: Sina.com