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| Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Earlier our reporter was informed that Xiang Xiang and Andy Lau would be participating in an activity to show appreciation to soldiers. According to the introduction of the organiser, Xiang Xiang and Andy could have the possibility of duet a song titled 'Bing Ge Ge Bing Mei Mei' (literally translated as Soldier Brothers and Soldier Sisters) under the request of the organiser to sing for the soldiers present and those watching the TV at home.

Heavenly King Andy whom had recently escaped from the disturbance of crazy fan could finally relax and continue with his normal lifestyle and start on his new challenges. Andy also expressed his appreciation to the media and friends' support and concern, he feel touched.

Xiang Xiang whom is a fan of Andy herself was also busy with her tight work schedule, when told of chances to collaborate with Andy, she expressed her excitement and delight. She doesn't mind even if the organiser does not allow her to promote her latest song, it had been since more than one year that she last met Andy, she seldom keep in touch with Andy as she was busy, but if she get the chance to meet him again, she will chat with him, she would also seize the chance to present her latest song 'Wei Le Ai' (literally translated as Because of Love) to Andy for him to give her some pointers.

When asked how she feel to be able to collaborate with Andy, an excited Xiang Xiang said: "Of course it would be great, I'll seize every possible chance to collaborate with Andy, if we would collaborate 'Bing Ge Ge Bing Mei Mei' should not create any allegations? If there are any allegations, it would be bad for Andy," Xiang Xiang then burst into laughters. It seems that this "music little genie" had matured but still innocent about love relationship.

news from: ent.people.com.cn