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| Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Andy officially replied on allegations that his apartment is haunted and his father is sick

Reporter: On your website, you mentioned that you and your family members are being harasses? Are you unhappy about it?

Andy: Nope ... I just want them to read those, because currently when he asked I'm also not sure what he will do thus I want to tell those people whom adored us first in order not to let them to worry. I'm okay, I'm perfectly alright.

Reporter: Is your family members unhappy?

Andy: My father is a bit angry. When my father is angry, I told him not to be angry as current news are this way.

Reporter: So you're going back to Mainland China to continue your shooting? Are you worried that people would harasses? Did you take any precaution measures?

Andy: I ... I can do nothing about this. I've no choice but I've told them to be careful, told my family driver to look after them.

Reporter: Would you call home more often to send them your regards?

Andy: No need to send them regards, because they all knew, just a bit angry only. If only the media does not disturb their life, I think it doesn't matter.

Reporter: It seems that it's tough on you, it's so hot and there's also huge sand storm.

Andy: Actually the scenes at Dunhuang had been completed

Reporter: So where are you going now?

Andy: I'm going to Beijing now, the temperature will be high during summer, but I think it's still okay.

Reporter: So how long will you be location shooting there?

Andy: There's still one month of shooting. Ok, thanks.