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| Sunday, July 08, 2007

Andy Lau whom earlier tailor made the sponge figure - Andox and took photographs with it wherever he goes, posted the photographs onto his blog resulted Andox to be popular. 300 box sets of Andox limited edition figures were released at Taipei Toy Festival, fans whom got hold of the news, they formed long queues at the Andox counter waiting for it to go on sale.

Within one hour, all 300 box sets were snapped up, for those whom failed to purchase a box set refused to leave the counter, the crew members had to hang a "Sorry! Sold out!" label beside Andy's photograph to inform them not to wait anymore.

Several fans whom had bought the box set went to take photographs at the counter with their hands holding the figure. For those whom failed to purchase the figure could only took photographs of the figures as memory.

As Andy need to work in Hong Kong yesterday was told of the popularity of Andox, a delighted Andy said: "Many thanks to everybody's support, I'm delighted that so many people adore Andox, initially I made Andox for self entertainment, never expected self entertainment would provide entertainment for everybody. This morning I received many complaints from Hong Kong fans and other countries, they complained that they could not purchase Andox as it was only released in Taiwan. Actually I never expected Andox would be so popular, the company had already asked the manufacturing company to produce another batch, thus hope fans from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China and different parts of the world could give me some time, don't hurry me."

When asked if Andy is worried of counterfeit figures or selling the figures at high price, Andy quipped: "LV has 'A' grade stocks. How could I not stop Andox from having 'A' grade stock? If anyone know how to stop piracy, please teach me immediately, I believed I'm not the only one who need to know this secret, the whole world want to know it too. Haha."

news from: Sina.com