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| Monday, July 02, 2007

This year is the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong hand-over to Mainland China, the four heavenly kings gathered once again to sing together on the stage. Andy Lau is the finale singer as he sing 'Zhong Guo Ren' (Chinese) to the enjoyment of the audience, even Chinese President Hu Jingtao become the fan of the four heavenly kings as he even went on to the stage to shake hands with them, he also had a nice chat with Andy.

The charisma of the four heavenly kings had not gone down as they came onto the stage together once more. Jacky Cheung was the first to sing, followed by Leon Lai and the multiple-Best Actor awards winner Aaron Kowk follows with his song and dance. The finale belong to Andy. As the four heavenly king rarely gathered, this gathering can be considered as the most anticipated performance of the night, even Chinese President Hu Jingtao was applauding non-stop, it seems that he's also a fan of the four heavenly kings!

After the gala event ended, Hu went onstage to shake hands as appreciation to the artistes, each artist is a mere one to two seconds beginning from Jacky, until he reached Andy, it's a chat of more than 12 seconds, even Aaron whom was standing beside Andy had to carry on smiling.

10 years ago, the four heavenly kings were battling each other in showbiz, for the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong handover, they duet the song 'Si Zhong You Lei', their collaboration showed off and promote Hong Kong's cooperative society, it's rather meaningful.

news from: ETToday, Sina.com