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| Thursday, July 05, 2007

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong handover to Mainland China, Sohu Yule held a Remember Me My 1997 Classic selection to pick the Most Remembered Figure, Film, Drama Serial and Song. Leslie Cheung whom passed away 4 years ago is the Most Remembered Figure, his collaboration with Tony Leung in Happy Together is the Most Remembered Film, Andy Lau's Chinese is the Most Remembered Song, whereas Bowie Lam and Flora Chan's Untraceable Evidence II is the Most Remembered Drama Serial.

It was a competitive fight for the Most Remembered Figure award with Leslie taking the lead from the start with Andy and Faye Wong tailing behind but still losing out to the deceased Leslie in the end.

In the Most Remembered Song award, Andy's Chinese was leading all the way as Faye could not match his charisma.

news from: MingPao