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| Friday, July 06, 2007

Being the head of the alumni, Andy Lau were the instructors together with Leo Ku and Elva Hsiao for the recording of TVB Jade Solid Gold first episode of Celebrity Summer Class as they taught several 20 new singers some skills.

The new singers includes Sherman Chung, Elanne Kwong, Freeze and RedNoon and many other newcomers.

Andy was tasked to teach magic and sword dance with Master Li Fai; Leo taught drawing and Elva taught Hip-hop dancing.

When Leo was teaching the new singers to draw, he could immediately draw the comic illustration of Andy as he sing praise of Andy's nose and eye brow made him easy to draw, the illustration was given to Andy as keepsake.

Andy also brought Andox along with him, when asked about fans queuing up on the eve of Taipei Toy Festival in order to purchase the Andox box set, Andy hope that those fans whom failed to purchase Andox would not be angry as more box sets would be released. The box sets will also be released in Hong Kong.

When asked if he want to become the King of Toys, he denied as he initially only want to use Andox to accommodate his album's theme. He said: "Nope, initially I wanted to use Andox to accommodate my Mandarin album which will be released on 18 July, thus I designed the figure, I didn't have any concrete or long term planning, previously there are many groups and activities that invite Andox to join, but they are rejected as I feel that it's not the time yet."

With regards to just 300 box sets of Andox been released, does he worried of black market price hike? Andy said: "No need for bidding war, more will be released later. We did not have enough time for production, we would be releasing 30,000 - 300,000 figures! There would also be other related products!"

Looking at the Andox on his hand, Andy said that it's birthday is 11th of May and born in Dunhuang. Andy added that when he brought Andox to show his mother, she never expected that he could come out with the figure. It was surprisingly that despite Andy being a male know how to sew and stitch, he expressed that nobody taught him how but when he's young he watch how his granny sew and stitch.

When asked if he's afraid that Andox would be more popular than him, Andy quipped: "I hope so!"

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