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| Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Andy Lau seems to bring his "flesh and blood" Andox wherever he goes as he bring it along to the Ocean Park to meet the 2 pandas - Le Le and Yin Yin, it was also being introduced to several heavenly kings; queens and superstars!

Ever since Andy posted Andox, a sponge figure which he made himself on the blog, it had attracted ten thousands of fans. Andy seems to bring it around wherever he went, when he brought Andox to the Ocean Park to see the pandas, it mistaken the pandas as cats.

Recently, Andy performed in several gala shows and Andox was being introduced to Paula Tsui and Alan Tam as both of them were surprised when told that Andy made Andox on his own thus sing praise of his talent. Most comedy is when Andox took a group photograph with the four heavenly kings, Andy drew him as a crazy fan as it think that it was a superstar (the 5th heavenly king) and it would be singing a duet with the four heavenly kings! Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kowk and Andy tried to accommodate to Andox's presence with their expressions, whereas Leon Lai maintained his normal serious look, thus his expression is different from the others.

Andy is the idol of Twins, although the two girls could not hug and kiss Andy but now the task will be passed to Andox as both girls held Andox on their hands for them to hug and kiss. Andy also exposed Andox is a fan of Twins as it wanted to be kissed by Twins when it meet them again in his blog posting.

Andox was "born" and designed by Andy during his free time when he was location shooting in Mainland China, it was used as his spokesman in his blog. Andox will participate in the 4th 2007 Taipei Toy Festival tomorrow, a limited commemorate edition Andox figure box set with 5 figures in each box set, it will be retailed at NT$900 (around HK$200), it's understand that some fans were queuing overnight in order to purchase the box set although it will only go on sale tomorrow. At the Toy Festival booth, a video of Andy making Andox will be shown to prove that Andox is indeed done by Andy.

In addition, Andy would be in Taipei to promote his new Mandarin album in the middle of July, of course he would be bringing Andox along with him.

More photographs in Andy's blog posting!

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