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| Monday, July 02, 2007

Being Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Ambassador, Andy Lau who was wearing the panda caretaker uniform attended the Giant Panda Habitat opening ceremony at the Hong Kong Ocean Park.

Before the opening ceremony, Andy arrived the habitat as early as six in the morning to do some cleaning at the habitat and prepared food to feed the pandas. Early in the morning, Andy had went to collect enough bamboo leaves, sliced the fruits, mould them into white and corn flour and adding bamboo leaves to become the nutrient food for pandas. He also clean the habitat and feed them the food that he prepared, he was excited and delighted throughout the busy process as he was able to get in close contact with the pandas.

After the opening ceremony, Andy and a group of V.I.P entered the habitat to await the appearance of the two pandas - Yinyin and Lele. Compere Lai Chi San reminded everyone to remain quiet until the appearance of the pandas as Andy could not longer hold his excitement as he shouted: "They're appeared! The one on the left is Yinyin." When asked how he differentiate the two pandas, Andy said: "The one with the larger dark eye circle and smaller ears is Yin-yin, after getting along with them for a few days, I feel that they're really cute."

Andy could not forget the time he spent with Yin-yin and Le-le, he said: "I've met them a few days earlier as I need to get along with them, they're so young but they're not afraid of me, when I feed them fresh fruits, they're like children as they rushed forward for the fruits, the way of eating is different from An-an and Jia-jia, they need a lot of nutrients, I learn to prepare food for them, they need to drink milk till 2.5 years old, of course I'm not feeding them milk!" Lai then asked: "You're not feeding them milk?" Andy then quipped: "Of course, it's not me, it should be you feeding!"

Andy whom get to get into close contact with the older panda An-an whom had been in Hong Kong for quite some time as it had get used to the living environment, he also managed to touch her back, he said: "An-an understand the caretakers' instruction to do a somersault, it's funny, I'm surprised that panda's fur is hard and rough, unlike those soft toys, haha! Actually pandas are very clever as they know how to bath on their own, they also like to play and eat at the same time, after seeing their mischievous and active behavior, I would be meeting them more often."

Andy unbutton his uniform to reveal the Baleno Inspired by Andy Lau limited edition panda designed charity t-shirt and confirm that Baleno would be donating $200,000 to the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation as he said: "Currently there are only 1590 pandas in the whole world in wild life, not included those being maintained."

After visiting the pandas, Andy had to rush to perform in the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong handover to China gala. Andy exclaimed that since he return to Hong Kong from the location shooting of Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, he had been working non-stop, other than working on the post production of his Mandarin album, he's also rehearsing for his September Mainland China concert tour, the shooting of 'Heng Dai' is also to be begin, he only had a few hours of private time for sleeping, it's like he had to start working after opening his eyes thus resulting his weight to go down, he quipped: "Initially I thought of losing weight for my upcoming concerts, I think it's not needed now."

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