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| Monday, July 02, 2007

1st of July is a day to celebrate Hong Kong 10th anniversary of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong, Ocean Park theme park's Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat which had finished renovation held its opening ceremony for Hongkongers to meet the two pandas which are given to Hong Kong by China as a gift in 1999.

Ocean Park's chairman Allan Zeman and Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Ambassador Andy Lau were invited for the opening ceremony, they also welcome the first Hong Kong family to the habitat.

While taking photographs, Andy seized every chance to take an extra look at the pandas, he said: "Cute, very cute, I hope everyone would protect them." When reporter asked if he would like to have one panda for himself, he said: "I would need to go through the procedure of sponsoring one, in Sichuan, I'll explain to everyone when I've the chance."

When asked what's the secret of taking good care of pandas, Andy replied: "Take care of them with love."

The combination of Andy and the pandas is really amazing as the habitat is jam packed and attracting long queues. The habitat could only accomodate 200 people and one person can only stayed for 10 minutes, thus the habitat could contain 1,200 within one hour, maybe due to the present of 300 tour groups, one would have to queue at least 2 hours in order to see the pandas.

news from: TVBS, Sina.com