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| Tuesday, July 03, 2007

To celebrate Hong Kong handover to Mainland China 10th anniversay, Bauhinia Blossom for 10 years: Shenzhen-Hong Kong youth celebrate Hong Kong handover 10th anniversary 10,000 celebrate together gala show was held at Shenzhen's Window of the World two nights ago. The performing guests includes Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Hacken Lee, Gigi Leung, Twins, Leo Ku, Han Hong and Zhang Ming Min. Andy was the first performer and was arranged by the organiser to stand in the middle to show off his leader charisma.

Andy and Hacken had the loudest support as when they perform the duet There's always you Hong Kong, the audience would cheer and kept waving the flags, it was a grand view.

The gala attracted more than 10,000 but there was perfect weather as towards the end of the show, water start splashing out which bring the atmosphere to new heights. Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen was present to give a speech which followed by fireworks display and brightly coloured float vehicles in the opening ceremony, there was one vehicle full of puppets with puppets that looked like Eric Tsang, Lydia Sum and Jackie Chan. The stage decoration theme is bauhinia blakeana, other than the five rows of flowers on the stage, there was also a mini bridge in the middle of the stage. When Twins made their appearance on stage, they hold their hands to prevent themselves from slipping. Meanwhile, Andy being a gentleman by holding the hands of Gigi whom was wearing a 2" high heels.

When Andy whom was wearing white western suit sang Chinese, there was also exciting acrobatics performance at the same time on a height of 7 storey high, even Andy took a peek at the performance as he show his encouragement to them by continue singing and gave flying kisses. When recalling his achievements for the past 10 years, Andy feel the most appropriate was acting in Infernal Affairs and sang the song 'Chang Yan Dao', he feel bad that he didn't have much time to accompany his family members. He also discovered that many youth knew more about the handover than him, he claimed that he would have to learn from them.

news from : Apple Daily News, SingPao, Ta Kung Po