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| Monday, July 09, 2007

Andy Lau whom always brave to try new things tried to be creative in his music. Recently he collaborate with Vincent Fang who is Jay Chou's best music partner in his new song - Yi. Singing R&B is a new attempt for Andy, initially he does not have much confidence as he told Vincent that he's afraid that he might not be as good as Jay when singing R&B, but Vincent has confidence in Andy thus it resulted in a perfect collaboration, even his company staff sing praise of the song.

Every line of the song Yi started with "yi" (one), the song narrates a person's fantasy and loyalty to love, Andy was full of praise of Vincent's lyrics.

It was also known that on a certain music award ceremony, well-known music composer Michael Lim approached Andy to ask him if he wanted to sing a R&B song as Andy expressed: "There's nothing that I don't want to try." However, when he received the demo tape, Andy begin to regret his decision, he said: "I feel that I could not represent the element of the song, thus I wanted to give up."

Under the encouragement of Michael, Andy gave his best shot and after the recording, nobody believed that the song was sang by Andy even it was thought it was a voice-over. With regards to the voice-over quote, Andy does not mind as he hope that R&B could also produce a different flavor from him.

For the song's music video , Andy specially invited City Contemporary Dance Company's Associate Choreographer Mui Cheuk-yin choreograph the dance for him, she was also present at the studio to monitor the shooting as she would remind Andy if he would to forget the dance steps. Andy went for the shooting of the music video on the second he return to Hong Kong from location shooting in Mainland China.

On the day of shooting, Andy danced for a total of 7 hours until he's drenched in sweat with his hands and legs aching. When Mui sing praise of his dancing, Andy was already out of breath as he had no voice to talk, he could only catch his breath, smile and nob his head in order to thank Mui.

The music video narrates Andy meet his love at a ball and both of them dance from the ball to his home. In the music video, Andy need to combine his body language and music to create a romantic love story, he also get to have close contact with the female dancer as he made no reservation of touching or carrying her. Andy even unbutton his shirt to reveal his chest.

Andy and the female dancer Sindy kept making rounds during the shooting at the studio until they dance on the bed. For some difficult actions, each camera view need to repeated several times until he feel satisfied before stopping, even Sindy was surprised: "No wonder everybody was saying Andy is not human. As I'm a professional dancer, I'm already tired and hungry but he's like a fully charged robot, he never asked to stop."

Sindy was also delighted to be able to collaborate with Andy as he was very caring during the shooting as seeing her sexy dressing, Andy reminded her to be careful of any careless exposure of herself as so many people was watching and it would be unpleasant for a female to expose herself, if any exposure was discovered, it would be censored.

Andy quipped: "Really. Haha, because I only practiced for half a day prior to the shooting, not very familiar with the dance, I hope that I would not affect her dancing, if not people would be asking who choreograph the dance for him? If I danced badly, it would affect the reputation of Mui, therefore I'm nervous and I must did my very best."

Andy expressed that the most difficult part of the shooting is the continuous turning and some parts that need to carry Sindy, these parts need to be completed at one go, therefore when the director shouted Cut, actually he's already in a daze, he quipped: "There was once when I could not hold on her tightly and I let go off her, everyone was saying that I could not continue already."

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