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| Thursday, July 26, 2007

Unknown to many, Andy Lau is well verse when he talks about history as he had fall in love crazily more than 40 hours of CCTV talk show - 'Bai Jia Jiang Tan' without sleeping. When talked about historic figures, Andy admires Xiang Yu, he also recommend himself to act Lu Buwei of Shin Shikotei Kika Okubeshi , Andy don't think that he looked like an emperor. However, in his limited experience playing an emperor especially Emperor Kang Xi in Duke of the Mount Deer, a confidence Andy said: "Duke of the Mount Deer had been remake so many times, everyone only remember me as the emperor!"

CCTV's Bai Jia Jiang Tan made us of book reading method to talk about Chinese history, other than watching non-stop for 40 hours without eating, he also plan to narrate Chinese history in Cantonese and produce into DVD to be distributed to school libraries in Hong Kong. Andy's eye brighten up when he talked about Chinese history, "I feel that history is useless in the past, now I think that it's very useful." Andy learn from history and how the emperor rule in each dynasty. He said: "Actually this is humanity and politics." Among all the historic figures, he admire Xiang Yu, "Xiang Yu is loyal and care for his subordinates, he could drink the blood of his enemy, loved Yuji." However Andy analyze that Xiang Yu lose out to his "pride" as he failed to meet Jiang Dong Fu Lao, then he committed suicide. Andy said: "He just almost become a prefect hero."

Andy feel that he does not look like an emperor, he think he's more suitable to roles of right hand man characters like Guan Gong and Zhao Yun. Throughout his showbiz career, he only played emperor twice, once in Take Care Your Highness and Duke of the Mount Deer which leave the deepest impression. The Duke of the Mount Deer which has Tony Leung as Wei Xiaobao and Andy as Emperor Kang Xi is the classic among so many versions of Duke of the Mount Deer. After so many years, Andy revealed that he was initially casted as Wei Xiaobao, he said: "Because I was very popular as it was just after Return of the Condor Heroes, as I didn't renew my contract with TVB and was put in cold storage, I was changed to act as Emperor Kang Xi." In Duke of the Mount Deer, Emperor Kang Xi is just a supporting role, but Andy said: "It's okay that I didn't get the role of Wei Xiaobao, but everyone remember that I was Kang Xi, that's enough." In order to act out Kang Xi well, Andy work hard to find history books and discuss with the script writers. Although Duke of the Mount Deer had been remake so many times, Andy's Kang Xi character leaves the deepest impression.

news from: undnews