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| Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Heavenly King Andy Lau is not longer 25-years-old young man but he still resemble a "curious baby" as he's always learning new things, once he master it, he's unsure when would he apply it, take his Latin dance, mask changing, now he want to learn magic from professional magician.

An excited Andy described that he watched on TV how a famous Japanese magician made a human disappear by putting the human between the book and closing the book, he sighed: "I requested him to teach me, but he told me that he could perform together with me but he would not teach me the trick." With regards to magic, Andy said: "Don't you think that we have too many things in this world that we does not know, it will be meaningful if we master them." He also wish to become CNN host Larry King to interview physicists, Stephen Hawking - author of A Brief History of Time or Bill Gates, "this is my curiosity".

When Andy attended variety program 'Da Xiao Ai Chi' 「大小愛吃」where Barbie Hsu said that (Zai Zai) Vic Zhou is a huge fan of Andy, she said: "The day before shooting, Vic kept telling me how good is Andy Lau, he's also good at cooking." Initially Tsui Hsu wanted to explain who is Zai Zai but Andy knew the relationship between Vic and Barbie, Andy said: "I also read entertainment news."

Everybody is curious when Andy will become a father, he said that he does not have enough time, Tsui then asked him: "What about your stamina?" Andy burst into laughters as he quipped that whom would talk about this subject openly.

Earlier, Andy went to radio station for interview which attracted large number of reporters waiting to interview him. Due to the tight schedule of the radio station, before the reporters finish asking their questions, the PR hurried Andy to go into the recording studio for the interview, a courteous Andy explains to the reporters: "I'm now going in to do a live broadcast interview, when I'm done I'll come out to answer your questions!" On seeing the sincere face of Andy, the reporters does not want to put him in a difficult position thus they waited for him to complete the radio interview before continue asking their questions. It can be seem that why Andy is still so popular among reporters after so many years!

news from: udn news, Sun News