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| Sunday, July 22, 2007

Andy Lau held an autograph session at Taipei's Hsimending which attracted 5,000 fans queued up, but the organiser only gave out 1,000 autograph pass thus disappoint them thus some of them quickly rushed to Taichung as they hope they could attend the 7:30pm autograph session at Taichung.

It is usually crowded at Hsimending for a Saturday's afternoon, in addition to Andy's arrival, it made it more jam-packed as the long queue seems no end to it, non-stop screams of Andy's name.

Due to the hot weather, Andy asked his crew member to buy bermudas on his behalf as he wanted to dress causually for the event, it's a rare sight to see Andy wearing bermudas to meet the Taiwan media.

He was asked why he has skinny legs, Andy quipped: "Don't you think only Karen Mok has a pair of beautiful legs, I also have! Ha ha!"

The fans waited for Andy since early in the morning under the hot sun, Andy was worried that the fans would suffer a stroke thus he immediately show his concern as he asked them if they have a fan, drank enough water and remind them not to force themselve to queue up if they feel uncomfortable as seeking an autograph from him is not difficult, health is more important.

During the autograph session, a couple whom was getting married came and invite Andy to attend their September wedding. Andy exclaimed that he would like to attend but he would be in Mainland China for his concert tour in September thus he could only send his regards on the spot.

Andy is always very caring to his fans as last night he send an Andox greeting card wishing her speedy recovery to the fan whom got injured in the Taipei Maokong Gondola on the previous day in a blog posting.

After the Hsimending autograph session, Andy immediately rushed to Taichung for another autograph session at 7:30pm.

news from: Wei Wen Po, Sun News, SingPao, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News, Sina.com